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At Livermore Alfa Romeo, we strive to satisfy your every automotive need. No matter your concern, we’re sure we have the necessary amenities to resolve any issues quickly and completely. Our comprehensive coverage is all for your benefit, and we urge you to take advantage of everything we have to offer. We understand that the most important part of any business is the customer, and we make certain to treat each and every potential buyer with the respect they deserve.

Visit us at Livermore Alfa Romeo today to take one of our fine vehicles on a test drive, or schedule an appointment with either our esteemed finance center or our accomplished service center at your leisure. Whatever your need may be, you’re always in capable hands at Livermore Alfa Romeo.

In Tip-Top Shape All Of The Time

Car repairs are commonplace and fairly straightforward in most cases; when something stops working, you go and get it fixed. Problems that arise from improper maintenance tend to be more subtle— at least initially — than damages requiring immediate auto repair, and this can cause some lack of clarity. The general plan many drivers adhere to is a 30-60-90 schedule, meaning that they receive inspections and/or maintenance when their vehicle racks up 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles and 90,000 miles, respectively.

For those wanting to stick to their OEM’s optimal plan, finding the information is both quick and easy. To discover your make and model’s official recommended intervals, it's as simple as checking the ‘Maintenance’ section of your owner’s manual, or simply bring it to Livermore Alfa Romeo and get all the information you desire.

Stay Slick With Regular Oil Changes

Oil is one of the most crucial aspects of automotive upkeep since proper oil levels are critical to the prolonged health of your vehicle. Oil is needed to lubricate your engine’s many moving parts, and without the necessary level of upkeep, the damage is inevitable. Without the appropriate levels of lubrication, metal parts will begin to grind and catch on each other, which begins to affect engine performance immediately. Over time this metal-on-metal contact can cause serious engine problems, and can even cause harm to your vehicle’s other components as well.

There are several different varieties and grades when it comes to both petroleum-based and synthetic oils. At Livermore Alfa Romeo our expert technicians know your vehicle like the back of their hand and can recommend the optimal oil for your specific make and model.

Mileage milestones that necessitate oil changes vary per make and model, but the general recommendation in terms of time is every 6 months. At Livermore Alfa Romeo, we provide recipients of our oil change service with professional recommendations on when they should get their next oil change.

Protect Your Stopping Power

Brakes represent your primary means of slowing and/or stopping your vehicle. As a result, they should be checked frequently and thoroughly. Replacing brake pads, shoes and rotors outright can be pricey and time-consuming. However, regular inspections and maintenance can not only extend the life of your brakes, but it can also help you plan for the inevitable.

Livermore Alfa Romeo recognizes how vital brakes are and even gives them a cursory inspection any time you receive an oil change service. Servicing for brakes is usually recommended every 30,000-70,000 miles, but be sure to consult your owner’s manual or ask one of our experts for your make and model’s official recommendation. Driving habits also directly influence the life of your brakes, so be sure to raise any concerns or questions with our expert technicians.

Keep Yourself Energetic With Fully Charged Batteries

The battery is the main ‘power plant’ of your vehicle, powering everything from the starter to your radio. Batteries usually last around 5 years or so, but this time frame can vary due to its amount of use and any exposure to inclement weather conditions. Luckily for you, the battery is relatively simple to test. Any major parts store or service center, such as our accomplished center at Livermore Alfa Romeo, should be able to test it for you. For this component more so than any other, if you’re in doubt, it's usually better to just replace it. A fully functioning battery is needed to start your vehicle, so any potential problems can leave you stranded in the most literal sense of the word.

Get Your Wheels Checked & Keep On Rollin’

Tires are your first defense against the road’s hazards and should be checked monthly to ensure their condition is still admissible. Everything from grip to tread is carefully examined for any flaws or inconsistencies, and the tire’s level of inflation is raised or lowered accordingly to your vehicle’s exact specifications.

Tires that showcase more than the acceptable levels of wear and tear or that simply exhibit unfavorable conditions, in general, can cause a plethora of problems and drastically reduce your ability to stop promptly. Underinflated tires lose a substantial amount of grip and can even overheat at high speeds. Overinflated tires impact driving performance due to less of the tire’s surface making direct contact with the ground and are also more susceptible to blowouts.

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